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Our r & d center is mainly based on independent r & d, and is extended by cooperating with universities, research institutes and manufacturers. Under the leadership of the company and the efforts of all the r & d personnel, great achievements have been made. According to the research results and its application in practice, it has been actively engaged in the application of intellectual property rights. Currently, it has 68 patents (60 of which are valid, including 3 invention patents, 56 utility model patents and 1 design patent). (8 utility model patents were abandoned), 25 trademark registration certificates, 6 computer software copyright registration certificates and 2 works registration certificates……

We are committed to providing customers with the safest and most professional aseismic support system solutions. Youlike technology has built the most exquisite and largest technical team in the industry, mastered the most advanced aseismic support technology of building mechanical and electrical engineering in the world, and trained a large number of expert talents in this field. Make full use of independently developed BIM technology, deepening design software, design analysis software, etc. to provide in-depth project services for project management, project display, layout design, load calculation, material statistics, output budget, etc
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Shenzhen Headquarters:
No.1006,10th Floor,Geya Building,Gongming Nanhuan Road,Guangming District,Shenzhen Guangdong Province, China
Production base:
Xihai industrial zone, jun'an cangmen village, shunde district, foshan city
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