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Company Benefits

One、Work time:24day work week,
Two、Salary structure: basic salary + post allowance + travel allowance + performance commission + length of service salary + year-end bonus
Three、Salary structure: provide the salary level with incentive mechanism in the industry, with multiple incentives and commissions
Four、Staff life: collective single room/double room, equipped with wardrobe, water heater, air conditioner, network supporting facilities, staff only need to bear the water and electricity charges
Five、Catering service: the internal canteen is regulated, clean and tidy, and the company provides food subsidies
Six、convenient transportation: Shenzhen headquarters in guangming district gongming south ring road geya technology building; Foshan subsidiary is located in foshan shunde jun 'an town industrial center changxing industrial base xihai industrial zone
Seven、Employee benefits: paid vacation, annual leave, wedding leave, funeral leave, maternity leave, paternity leave and sick leave benefits
Eight、festival care: birthday welfare, Dragon Boat Festival welfare, Mid-Autumn welfare, 38 women's day care
Nine、Insurance benefits: buy "five social insurance and one housing fund" for employees upon entry
Ten、Training and promotion: provide internal/external training of various majors free of charge to improve personal professional skills
Eleven、Promotion and salary adjustment: with a perfect internal promotion system, excellent workers will have a wide channel for promotion and career development; And the annual salary adjustment mechanism, so that every employee enjoys equal opportunities for promotion and development
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Contact address
Shenzhen Headquarters:
No.1006,10th Floor,Geya Building,Gongming Nanhuan Road,Guangming District,Shenzhen Guangdong Province, China
Production base:
Xihai industrial zone, jun'an cangmen village, shunde district, foshan city
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